The last final day to take senior portraits in the studio ONLY Oct 26.

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Once they’re GONE….

they’re GONE!

We’re gonna sell out again this year, we only have 82 books left. Buy now for $80.00 in room 2105. Either pay full price now or start a payment plan, $40/March and $40 in April.

Any questions? Come by room 2105 and talk with Ms. Matthews or Yearbook staff. Don’t be left out.


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In Conclusion…

When students are introduced to more genres other than essay form, I believe they are allowed to step outside the box and look at their thoughts very differently. Writing in paraphrases to show detail is much more effective when you can describe the point and not have to be concerned with proper grammar or punctuation. Writing in verse can be difficult but when time is on your side, verses can come as easily as paragraphs for essays. On this blog I have included some helpful activities and teaching tools to help teachers and students understand writing in multigenres.

The benefits of having students write multigenre essays are three-fold: 1) when students are given the option of including such things as dialogs, poems, and vignettes in addition to standard academic prose, their writing develops with experimenting in styles to say exactly what their thought is in one or more genre;  2) they gain in their ability to take a more personal view on an issue by having more options for the look and feel of the piece; and 3) they gain in their ability to push to the limits of their vision. When a piece is written in Grammar B, (dialog written as actually spoken with slang, improper grammar, fragments or purposefully breaking rules) a certain feeling of being in the moment and closeness to the character takes place.


Thoughts flowing

Descriptive words popping

Changing grief into visions


Writing in multigenres has opened up a whole new world for me and hopefully I will be able to influence my students into using this out of personal choice. I think it paints a picture much clearer and can be more meaningful than prose. Although standard academic prose is necessary for some work, giving multigenre a try will surprise you and open doors to a new frontier. Helpful hints and suggestions are throughout this blog.

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Thinking Skills and Creativity

Exploring processes of collaborative creativity – This article tells of how to get elementary school students interested in creative writing and emotion. With guidance from the teacher, students would act out, use humor and singing to stimulate their thoughts, speak about their feelings and write their stories with genuine creativity.

Resources for Multigenre Writing This is a copy of the Montana Writing Project Journal. “A multigenre paper arises from research, experience, and imagination. It is not an uninterrupted, expository monologue nor a seamless narrative nor a collection of poems. A mutigenre paper is composed of many genres and subgenres, each piece making a point of his own, yet connected by theme or topic and sometimes by language, images and content. In addition to many genres, a multigenre paper may also contain many voices, into just the author’s. The trick is to make such a paper hang together.”
Tom Romano, Blending Genre, Altering Style

Even though this is an example of a multigenre project, the teacher explains how she taught the students each genre and how she kept them motivated.

The Ins, Outs and In-Betweens of Multigenre Writing  – This article by Nancy Mack shows her different ways of teaching multigenre writing to middle school students. She gives examples of mini-lessons and assignments, recommendations for different writing styles and interesting input on classroom context and analysis.

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Multigenre Books for References

Metro: Journeys in Writing Creatively by Hans Ostrom, Wendy Bishop and Katharine Haake (Jul 27, 2000)

Product Description

Metro is a unique multi-genre creative writing book that provides activities and prompts to help students move beyond terms and concepts to active writing. By using “guided writing,” the authors help the reader through the creative processes in many different genres, like fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction. This book has exercises that will make this book your favorite source book.This book is great for anyone interested in improving their creative writing skills.

Product Description

Examples of multigenre essays should be made more available to students in all disci­plines, especially to students starting out in freshman composition classes. Multigenre essays are pieces of writing that include creative elements such as lists, letters, and interviews, in addition to traditional academic prose. By combining creative elements with academic prose, students will be able to express more of what they want to say in an essay by using both analytical and associative ways of thinking.

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Informative Blogs and Websites – This website tells you how to write a multigenre  paper and what fits best in each genre. It’s doubtful you would advertise a car for sale in a poem. This website helps you choose the correct format for your papers. – Very helpful. See “Think like a football coach.” – Great to get you started, gets you thinking, brainstorming and journaling. – Especially helpful. This websites answers your burning question, which genre should I use this time? These postings are from a survey of various authors, some published and some not yet published.– To find a handout on a particular subject area, you can browse through an extensive catalog for handouts on many subject regarding writing. – The English Teacher, Life and Times of the English Teacher Online. It’s cute, pictures. – Lots of information from an English teacher about how he teaches his class.

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Think like a Football Coach

Four different writing activities for your students might be:

  • Write a dialogue from a football coach to the team during halftime and your team is 10 points ahead. How would it sound differently if your team was 10 points behind?
  • Establish a blog for students reading the same book. Include students from other classes or schools nearby or across country.
  • Find a single familiar subject, have the students brainstorm on verbs and adjectives and help create a poem.
  • Write a paragraph describing their grandparents home in Grammar B.

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